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Birthday Skydive

Friday 31st March I became 53 and a lifetime dream was realised.......

To do a parachute jump.

After doing the Everest Base Camp at 17598ft and Kalpatha at 18225ft that's a hard act to follow!

Whilst soaking off some of the foot aches in the bath one Sunday evening the idea of a Skydive crossed my mind.  In true Dizzy style, the thought didn't go away! The next thing I knew was the confimation Email that it was booked..... on my birthday!!

My family and close friends kept on asking me if I was nervous.  My reply was. " It's just a sky walk.  I've trekked higher!" ( 3000ft higher!)

Within a jump, my birthday had arrived and here I was heading towards Skydive Hibaldstow. It was a damp morning and the weather was predicted to turn windy.  There was the knowledge in the back of my mind that the jump may be cancelled.  We arrived bang on time at 09:00am.  I signed in and was quickly called for my pre jump briefing. Before I could get any form of nerves I was kitted up, on the plane, up to 15000ft.  I was securely strapped to Andy my instructor and stayed focussed. When ready to jump Andy and I shuffled to the door sat at the edge.  I looked down and remember seeing the Humber Bridge directly below me. Andy made sure I was head upwards and pushed us both out the plane door.

It was amazing free falling through the sky above the clouds with my camara man filming the whole experience.  Andy kept checking the altitude and at the right time he pulled the cord.  First I knew was the jolt as we were pulled upright and we soared above my camara man WOW! WOW! WOW! Truly breath taking! Yet again, lost for words to describe how I felt!

Andy let me steer with the two cords, a bit like a kite, luckily, not for long, we could have landed any where between the Humber and the Wash, the North Sea and Nottingham!!

My motion sickness tablets were doing well untill we hit a thermal and swung a bit.  Hence I look a little green round the gills when interviewed on the ground!!

I can't add anymore than I said at the ground interview....

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Stenigot Walk

Back In The Boots

Back in the boots today with a 15 mile walk in the Lincolnshire wolds with the Louth and Grimsby Ramblers. And I got the boots pretty muddy!

It was especially good as I was out with my best walking partner and great freind.

The route took us from Red Hill Nature Reserve, down through Scamblesby as far south as Belchford .  Then we turned back north, across the A16 to Goulceby.  Then across west to Maket Stainton. North East to the Old Station Yard just South of Donnington on Bain.  Then we zig zaged our way to the foot of Red Hill for the final assault up back to our transport home.

Alzeimer's Society - International Womens Day 


I am absolutely honoured to be featured, along with other amazing ladies, in Alzheimer's Society International Womens Day blog.

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Flying High - Without Touching The Sky!!


As part of my preperations for the Skydive on my birthday.  I thought to take up the challenge and have a go at flying!!

This was a fantastic flight simulator of a Boeing 737-800.  I "flew" the plane on a short journey fron East Midlands to Birmingham.  All manaully as...

Wing Commander DIZZY !!


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